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Together we are stronger

I believe in the power of inclusivity, tolerance, and unity to build a brighter future for Dublin and Ireland.

Political Manifesto


Dublin is confronted with a multitude of challenges, including the lack of affordable housing, a
consistent surge in living expenses, a flawed immigration and asylum system, and an increase
in safety concerns. These interconnected issues not only burden our citizens but also underscore the need for decisive action to safeguard our city’s future prosperity and social cohesion. Drawing from his journey as an immigrant who diligently worked his way up to success as an entrepreneur, Umar Al-Qadri brings first-hand experience to the table, making him exceptionally equipped to address these urgent challenges.


As your MEP, I will fight to make sure Europe helps to make sure you are included and valued and included in Dublin, Europe and throughout the world.

Policy Positions

What do you Deem the most important issue for the European Union now and what would you like to see happen in that area?

Europe faces the dual challenge of continuing its mandate to expand membership to qualified countries that are genuinely democratic and European in character and ensuring that such expansion would not inhibit our economic stability…

Opinions and Issues

How do we have a healthier, more equitable society?
Explore Umar Al-Qadri’s blog for insights on human rights and more

Our mission and vision

Empowering Dublin’s diversity in Europe and beyond through initiatives focused on affordable living, sensible immigration policies, aiding small businesses, and fostering peace in Gaza and Ukraine.


Understanding the struggles of SME owners and the self-employed, and ensuring fair taxation and pricing within the EU.


Championing rights for individuals with disabilities, striving for inclusive support and timely services for all.

Fair Immigration

Sensible immigration policies that uphold human rights and acknowledge immigrants’ contributions to our economy and society.

Foreign policy

Committed to fostering dialogue and unity, the aim is to set a new standard in addressing global conflicts.


Advocating for inclusive education, where diversity is celebrated and shared humanity is recognised.

Family Rights

Advocating for respecting diverse family dynamics and parents’ rights to educate their children according to their beliefs.

What people say about me

I met Dr.Umar some 6 or 7 years ago after he founded the Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council (IMPIC). I have always found him to be a man of peace and intelligence! He promotes understanding between people of all faiths and none. He is comfortable talking with people from the LGBT community, and he is ready and willing to talk to those who hate him due to the colour of his skin, his country of origin and his religious beliefs. He is a man of peace.

Gary Doyle

Ireland has undergone massive societal changes in recent years. Dr Umar ‘s message is one of respecting difference and bridge building between communities and dispelling the myth that diversity is something to be afraid of! In a time where bigotry and racism are rampant in Europe, his message is all the more relevant now! Ireland belongs to ALL of us! (Whether you arrived last week or have been here for a thousand years!)

Brian Coonan

Dr. Umar is truly an inspirational figure. His dedication to connecting with communities and fostering an environment of tolerance and love is remarkable. His efforts to bridge differences and bring people together are of immense value. I am deeply grateful for his visionary approach and the understanding he brings to diverse groups. His work not only promotes unity but also enriches our collective human experience

Fawad Rahim