Dublin is confronted with a multitude of challenges, including the lack of affordable housing, a
consistent surge in living expenses, a flawed immigration and asylum system, and an increase
in safety concerns. These interconnected issues not only burden our citizens but also underscore
the need for decisive action to safeguard our city’s future prosperity and social cohesion.
Drawing from his journey as an immigrant who diligently worked his way up to success as an
entrepreneur, Umar Al-Qadri brings first-hand experience to the table, making him exceptionally
equipped to address these urgent challenges.
His journey from struggle to success imbues him with a deep understanding of the issues facing
our community. His voice resonates authentically and effectively on behalf of those he seeks to


Umar advocates for pragmatic and compassionate immigration policies, striving to balance
legitimate concerns with human rights and fairness. As a prominent Muslim faith leader, he
tirelessly fosters dialogue and mutual respect among Dublin’s diverse communities, embodying
the values of bridge-building and peace-making.
With over eight years of extensive engagement with EU institutions, Umar has represented Ireland
on critical issues such as racism, Islamophobia, integration, and religious freedom. This experi-
ence underscores his profound understanding of European dynamics.
Recognising the imperative to address homelessness and housing insecurity, Umar draws upon
his business acumen to champion small enterprises and consumer rights.
In the face of a global landscape threatened by unrest, Umar envisions Ireland as a beacon of
prosperity, unity, and peace-making. Having called Ireland home for over two decades and
settled in Dublin with his wife and three children, he intimately grasps the intricacies of our
society. Above all, Umar seeks to leverage Ireland’s rich history of reconciliation to lead Europe in
advocating for peace and justice, particularly in regions like Palestine and Ukraine.
Join Umar Al-Qadri in shaping a future where Ireland stands as a catalyst for unity, prosperity,
and hope in Europe and beyond. With over 70% of our legislation coming from Brussels, Umar
recognises the significance of standing for EU elections, providing voters a voice they haven’t
had in over four years. Together, let’s forge a path towards a brighter tomorrow, promoting
peace and building bridges between communities in Dublin to ensure social cohesion and
prosperity for all.


We must recognise Ireland’s commendable generosity in hosting one of Europe’s highest rates of
immigration. By establishing safe platforms to genuinely listen to these concerns and rectifying the
inadequacies within our immigration and asylum system, we can uphold the human rights of
immigrants who significantly contribute to Ireland’s economy.
Simultaneously, we can ensure a rational, equitable, and compassionate approach to addressing the
challenges faced by individuals seeking international protection in Ireland.
As an immigrant himself, Umar acknowledges the rapid pace of immigration in Ireland. Rather than
stoking animosity or turning a blind eye to genuine concerns, we must engage in constructive
dialogue to overhaul our immigration policies.
Sensible immigration policies are imperative, given the invaluable contributions of legal immigrants
to our economy, healthcare, and social welfare systems. The lengthy process of family reunification
for tax-paying immigrants must be streamlined to uphold their rights and dignity.
Our asylum system is in urgent need of reform to safeguard legitimate asylum seekers and prevent
abuse of the system through fraudulent claims. Deportation of failed asylum seekers is necessary to
maintain the integrity of the process.
Additionally, it is unjust to disproportionately burden small rural and underprivileged urban
communities with the challenges of housing and supporting asylum seekers.
Consultations with affected communities should be conducted in a manner that is both fair and
respectful of their interests. Let us collaborate to establish an immigration system that not only heeds
the concerns of voters but also reflects Ireland’s core values of fairness, compassion, and inclusivity.

Housing for All

Securing a home, whether through renting or purchasing, has become a daunting task for many
families and aspiring homeowners in Dublin. If we call upon the Irish electorate to allocate resources
towards housing asylum seekers, we must demonstrate an equal sense of urgency in addressing the
housing needs of young Irish people.
Ensuring access to affordable housing for them should be a paramount concern, as failure in this
regard poses a significant threat to social cohesion. Access to housing must be recognised as a
fundamental right for Irish citizens, enshrined within our constitution.
Umar pledges to tackle the housing crisis through a comprehensive strategy. He is committed to
advocating for EU policies that support housing initiatives, securing funding for housing projects,
proposing relevant legislation, fostering collaboration with stakeholders, ensuring equitable distribu-
tion of EU funding, promoting innovation and sustainability, and monitoring policy implementation.
Through leveraging his position, Umar promises to amplify the voices of constituents, raise awareness,
and actively pursue policy solutions that ensure safe, affordable housing for all residents of Dublin.

Making Small Businesses Thrive

As an entrepreneur himself, Umar understands and empathises with the significant pressures faced
by SME owners and the self-employed. From grappling with higher taxes to navigating chronically high
business costs, stifling bureaucracy, and dysfunctional banking systems, the challenges are indeed
daunting. He firmly believes that Irish businesses and the self-employed need a much more
conducive environment for success.
In his pledge, Umar commits to spearheading a proactive approach to tackle these challenges
head-on, especially in light of increased VAT rates. By advocating for a robust business compensation
programme, he will try to provide businesses with the essential support they need.
This initiative will not only serve to ease economic burdens for businesses but also ensure continued
affordability for consumers.

Peace-building in Areas of Conflict

One of the reasons Umar takes great pride in calling Ireland home is its steadfast commitment to peace-keeping and military neutrality. With a rich legacy of reconciliation, Ireland stands uniquely poised to assume a leadership role within Europe during one of its most precarious post-war periods. Embracing this responsibility, Umar acknowledges the complexities of international conflicts, particularly those in the Middle East and Ukraine. Grounded in a firm commitment to peace, he endeavors to facilitate dialogue and foster mutual understanding among all stakeholders. By engaging with diverse perspectives and proposing tangible steps toward peace, Umar aims to forge unity rather than division, setting a new standard for leadership in addressing global challenges. Umar has consistently tried to forge unity rather than division when faced with conflicting global challenges. Umar is dedicated to ensuring that Palestine is recognized as a State by the EU — an essential milestone towards realizing a peaceful solution in the Middle East. With a firm belief in the inherent rights of both Palestinians and Israelis to pursue a peaceful future, Umar is committed to promoting dialogue and collaboration to achieve this shared objective.
Drawing upon his roles as a prominent Muslim leader, a member of the European Muslim Jewish Leadership Council (MJLC), and a vocal advocate against antisemitism and Holocaust denial, Umar possesses a unique set of skills to foster dialogue and cultivate understanding as a prospective MEP

The Cost of Living Crisis in Dublin

Dubliners are faced with the highest prices in the EU. The current situation has reached a critical juncture where many workers are unable to live in Dublin.
Despite being part of the EU, we are not reaping the benefits of the lower prices in other parts of Europe. As a prospective MEP, Umar is committed to rectifying this disparity. He will relentlessly advocate for Dublin and Irish consumers to have access to a fair and equitable tax system and prices within the EU. It is imperative to scrutinize whether large multinational corporations and the ultra-wealthy are contributing their fair share of taxes. It’s time to ensure that everyone, regardless of their wealth or corporate status, is paying their fair share to support our society. A core principle to foster cohesion
is economic justice.

Healthcare AND Disability

Despite allocating over €26 billion annually to our healthcare system, we are confronted with the distressing reality of extensive waiting lists, particularly impacting children in need of vital operations and individuals with disabilities.
This mismanagement of funds is simply unacceptable. Healthcare, disability support, and childcare are fundamental necessities, and given the substantial investment, it is unacceptable that waiting lists for consultants at such inadequate levels. Furthermore, our healthcare department suffers from chronic understaffing, placing undue strain on our dedicated doctors who tirelessly serve our community.

Umar advocates for a fundamental shift in priorities toward recruiting and retaining healthcare professionals through competitive salaries, benefits, and incentives. He champions investment in comprehensive training programs and the expansion of medical facilities to strengthen our healthcare workforce.
Recognizing the immense value of international collaboration, Umar supports the establishment of partnerships with EU countries renowned for their efficient healthcare systems to gain valuable insights and best practices for reforming our own.

Additionally, he staunchly advocates for the allocation of resources toward reducing waiting times, enhancing accessibility to essential services, and fortifying disability support services, recognizing these initiatives as urgent priorities that demand immediate attention and action.

A person with a disability should have the same rights as a person without one. Any child who is thought to have a disability or illness should be entitled to an Assessment of Needs and the State should be mandated to follow through by providing for those needs within a specific timeframe. People with disability
should also be entitled to live independently of their families if they wish to.

Urgent Climate Action

Ensuring a sustainable planet for future generations is not just a choice; it’s our responsibility. Pollution and carbon emissions transcend borders, highlighting the imperative for strong European cooperation in
climate action.

Umar staunchly supports investment in green energy initiatives, understanding their crucial role in shaping Ireland’s sustainable future. He advocates for harnessing Ireland’s potential to attract foreign investment, fostering partnerships aimed at accelerating the transition towards renewable energy sources.

By highlighting the economic opportunities inherent in green technology and renewable energy sectors, Umar emphasizes the potential for job creation, technological innovation, and economic growth that can stem from such investments.

Through strategic investment in green energy and collaboration with international partners, Umar envisions a future where Ireland leads the charge in sustainable development, reaping economic rewards while safeguarding the planet for generations to come.

Public Transport

Umar believes in prioritizing the efficiency and accessibility of our public transportation systems. We must strive to emulate the standards set by mainland Europe, where public transport services are reliable, punctual, and user-friendly.

In addition to ensuring reliability and punctuality, we must also modernize our public transportation systems to meet the needs of today’s society. This includes implementing convenient payment methods such as debit card payments, which streamline the commuting experience for passengers.

Moreover, investing in sustainable and environmentally friendly modes of transportation, such as electric buses and trains, can further reduce our carbon footprint while improving the overall quality of public
transportation services.

By prioritizing the enhancement of our public transportation systems, we not only improve the daily lives of commuters but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for all.

Crime, dereliction and
disadvantaged young people

Addressing crime, dereliction, and the challenges faced by disadvantaged young people requires a collaborative effort. Simply being tough on the symptoms of crime isn’t sufficient; we must also address its
root causes within marginalized communities.

However, being tough on the underlying causes of crime doesn’t equate to leniency towards criminals. Therefore, Umar stresses the critical need for a zero-tolerance policy towards crime. Merely offering light penalties and implementing a revolving door policy for prison sentences has proven ineffective.

To truly combat crime, we must simultaneously address its origins and provide support to marginalized youth. This entails utilizing the National Development Plan to invest in essential amenities, facilities, and career opportunities for these individuals. Moreover, Umar emphasizes parental responsibility should be taken into account when tackling such cases. Taxpayers should not bear the burden of parental negligence.
By taking a comprehensive approach that combines tough measures against crime with investments in community development and parental accountability, we can create safer and more prosperous communities for all.

Childcare & Single Parent Support

If we are committed to equity for all types of families, then we must allocate resources accordingly. This is particularly evident in the realm of childcare, where we must enhance subsidies to ensure access to free or low-cost childcare at a provider of their choice.

Additionally, it’s crucial to acknowledge that many, if not a majority, of women prefer to care for their young children in the family home. Umar believes that supporting parents who choose to care for their children at home not only contributes to the well-being of the family unit but also affirms the value of caregiving as a vital aspect of our society.

Our tax system and cultural norms should respect and provide equal treatment to this choice, rather than disparaging it. Furthermore, we must recognise and address the systemic barriers that hinder women’s full participation in the workforce, such as the lack of affordable childcare options. By investing in comprehensive childcare subsidies and promoting a culture that values caregiving, Umar wants to empower women to pursue their career aspirations while also ensuring that children receive the care and support they deserve during their formative years.

Family, Education
and Parents’ Rights

Umar firmly believes that the Government and the EU must do more to respect and support various family dynamics. Additionally, Umar emphasises the importance of parents having the right to educate their children according to their own beliefs, a fundamental aspect of family autonomy.

We must avoid discriminating against traditional family structures, recognising the inherent right of families
to raise their children in their own beliefs, particularly concerning topics like sex education.

As a dedicated advocate for human rights and equality, Umar brings a unique perspective to the table. As a parent of three children and with extensive leadership experience in business, faith-based organizations, and NGOs, he understands the pressing need for a fresh approach.

Umar is committed to encouraging the State to genuinely serve its people, promoting integrity in politics, and ensuring that policies are crafted to benefit every citizen.


Umar staunchly advocates for inclusivity and diversity at the core of our curriculum. Every child should have the opportunity to learn about the richness of humanity’s tapestry, celebrating our differences while recognising our shared humanity.

Umar believes that it is imperative that our educational system fosters a deep understanding and appreciation of diverse communities, cultures, and perspectives from a young age. By integrating lessons on diversity, empathy, and respect into the curriculum, we can cultivate a generation of compassionate and open-minded individuals who are equipped to navigate an increasingly interconnected world with empathy and understanding.

Education should be a tool for building bridges, fostering unity, and empowering young minds to embrace and celebrate the beautiful diversity of our world.

Social Media and Tech Accountability

Umar emphasises the urgent need for social media companies to be held accountable for the content on their platforms. It’s unacceptable that these companies continue to generate revenue while turning a blind eye to the rampant spread of hate speech and harmful content online. We cannot afford to ignore the fact that social media has become a breeding ground for division, misinformation, and hatred, with real-world consequences for our communities.

As a society, we must demand greater responsibility from these tech giants. They must implement more robust measures to swiftly identify and remove hate speech, incitement to violence, and other harmful content from their platforms. It’s not enough for them to simply pay lip service to the idea of responsible content moderation; they must take concrete actions to protect their users from the harmful effects of online hate and extremism.

Furthermore, Umar believes that social media companies should be compelled to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to track down and hold accountable those individuals who spread hatred and incite violence online.

People should not be allowed to hide behind the anonymity of the internet while engaging in criminal behavior that has real-world consequences. By working together with law enforcement, social media companies can help ensure that those who perpetrate hate speech and incitement to violence are

Community Integration Initiatives

Umar believes it is imperative to foster a sense of belonging and understanding among diverse communities in Dublin. By investing in government-funded bridge-building initiatives, we can create opportunities for people from different backgrounds to come together.

Drawing inspiration from successful models in countries like the Netherlands, we envision organizing social, cultural, and recreational activities where residents of all backgrounds can participate. From picnics in the park to cultural festivals, these initiatives will not only break down barriers but also combat stereotypes and promote integration. Let’s create a vibrant tapestry of unity where every voice is heard and valued.